What Are Mental Lapses and How to Fight Them?

One too many times we have forgotten one of our daily to do’s, the name and number for our kids’ doctor or the last PIN change we made at the bank. These are involuntary gaps in memory that are commonly referred to as “mental lapses”, which, most of the times, occur by mistake.

According to a study by the University of Iceland researcher, Maria Jonsdottir, a person can suffer up to 30 mental lapses a week, without this representing a sign of greater evil.

These types of mistakes are occasional. Although there are people more likely to commit them –both in speech and in writing, we have all had them. Scientists have revealed that these kinds of failures are most often determined by fatigue, anxiety or intoxication, manifesting themselves as a relaxation or nullification of the individual’s will or attention.

Although these are involuntary scenarios, there are strategies to prevent mental lapses. Here are some of them:

-Work on your concentration: we must learn to give it time, space and cultivate the psychological spectrum that brings together all the faculties that prevent mental voids.

-Develop your linguistic intelligence: many lapses are due to the lack of expressive forms. Nothing better than exercising language to reinforce memory.

-Play small mental games daily: crossword puzzles, sudokus, and trivia or memory tests are ideal strategies to reduce the incidence of mental gaps.

-Drink natural herbs beverages: although they will not correct the problem, they will help to achieve relaxation and fight the stress that could be causing the slips.

-Learn to prioritize: delegating and setting priorities in writing is key to tackling mental lapses.

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