3 Gifts to Strengthen Client Relations this Holiday Season

3 Gifts to Strengthen Client Relations this Holiday Season
for financial advisors, insurance agents, accountants, attorneys


The holidays are upon us! Whether it’s the search for the perfect gift or setting up an attractive storefront, families and businesses alike are frantically preparing for the month-long festivities December has to offer. During this time of merriment and celebration, it is important to include your clients on the shopping list and show them your appreciation.

Forming strong, meaningful relationships with your clients is vital to any business. These relationships often require a lot more time to establish than they do to deteriorate, which is why no effort to build rapport with your client is too small. Create an opportunity to include yourself in their circle during a time that’s most commonly shared amongst close friends and family by not only reminding them you care -- but more importantly, how much you care.


Consider 3 gift ideas to strengthen the relationship with your clients this holiday:  

The Gift of Gratitude: 

You can’t go wrong with this classic, heart-to-heart gesture. Whether you decide to send it as a solo gift or as an accompaniment, a personalized greeting card with a handwritten message tailored to each client lets them know they are valued. This is the simplest, most straightforward way to express your gratitude to them for choosing your services -- by spelling it out for them.

The Gift of Knowledge:

Educate your client on what you do best. You may notice that a client has one or two main areas of interest they frequently request consultations for. If, for example, a client is always asking questions on retirement planning, then give them a book on that subject. Consider marking the sections in the book your client would find most helpful to go the extra mile. When the client develops more advanced questions, who will the client reach out to from now on? You.

The Gift of Peace of Mind:

A large part of your role as an advisor is to keep your clients feeling reassured and confident in their financial decisions with the help of your guidance. When asked to procure the necessary legal documents, some clients may have little to no clue where they store that important information. Save your clients from the added stress of an already daunting situation by helping them organize that information in one, easily accessible place with the Kiipsit Document Organizer. Your clients will have peace of mind walking into your next consultation with any documents you may need. This would be an especially suitable gift for newer clients.


     Regardless of what you choose to do, be sure to add a touch of personalization wherever it can be applied. Stay away from stereotypical gifts that suggest you know nothing about the client, or worse, you do not truly care about your relationship with the client.

    Here’s our “Gift of Peace of Mind” to you: Gift giving should get easier with each passing year so long as you strive to connect with your clients to learn more about their hobbies and passions through active listening. There are conversations to be made outside of work-related subjects, so get personal!


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