What is Kiipsit?

What is Kiipsit?

Are you a parent/guardian of young children? Do you know what information you need to have ready in case of emergency? From birth certificates and passports to mortgage and billing information, the Kiipsit Document Organizer “kiips” your most crucial information easily accessible in one place.

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The most complete and simple to use document organizer for life situations.

The most complete and simple to use document organizer for life situations.

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  • 1 Hour

    The Kiipsit Document Organizer was designed to be filled out in under 1 hour. The checklist will guide you through a simple process that will give you the peace of mind of being prepared.

  • Large Pockets

    The Kiipsit Document Organizer has large pockets to easily slide in letter sized documents. Keep all of your documents in one place.

  • Bilingual

    We realize the diversity of our consumers and created the Kiipsit Document Organizer in English and Spanish.

  • Water Resistant

    The Kiipsit Document Organizer includes a water resistant pocket to safeguard important documents from humidity. These documents can be passports, birth certificates, social security cards, insurance forms and more.

  • Discreet

    The Kiipsit Document Organizer is discreet and will blend in with other binders you may own. It is important that only you and those you trust know about your Kiipsit. Our simple gray design with the Kiipsit logo is stylish, yet private.

  • Tear Away Cards

    At Kiipsit, we have taken into consideration everything for you. The Kiipsit Document Organizer includes convenient tear away cards for you to give to those you trust. They will tell a family member, friend, or guardian where to find Kiipsit in the event you or your spouse can not access it.